Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1 piece - 2 different styles #2

Hello dear fashion friends.
I know it has been a while since my last blog post. Sorry for this. There had a few things been going on but now I’m back on track with my new and own blog, which means new layout and stuff. Hope you guys like it!!

As I mentioned in my last “1 piece – 2 different styles“ post (LINK here), I am actually not the person who wears the same piece of clothing often. It seems quite boring to me.
This is why I find it very exciting to play around with it and combine it in different ways.
In this blog it’s all about the grey sweater. Here are my 2 favourits :

Combination1 Tight blue jeans (tight is a must, as it would look too loose otherwise), and to add a little colour a red bandana for your hair and suitable to this sexy red high heels (from Buffalo).
Combination2 For the 2nd look I combine this grey sweater with a high waisted leather skirt (from Topshop) and to this my beloved leo converse. On the contrast to many others I don’t think that you necessararly need to combine a skirt with high heels. Contrarily. I think chucks give the outfit this naughty kind of touch. (Well, of course it always depends on what your goals with the outfit are)

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