Thursday, May 30, 2013


Let's conjure up some summer!

Where the hell is this summer??? I wished baaadly the “Züri-Böög” was NOT right. But as summer is trying hard to avoid us, I’ve determined we should attract and conjure him up with some short and fresh outfits. Yeah that's right.

Will it work?? O_O

Thursday, May 23, 2013

1 piece – 2 different styles #1

I am actually not the person who wears the same piece of clothing often. It seems quite boring to me.
But in fact, you just need to combine it the right way, so it stays interesting and variegated.
In this blog I would like to show you a way I do combine this white shirt.

Combination1  Street Style: Boyfriend Jeans, loose jacket, black beanie and black studded sandals
Combination2  The sweet playful look:  High waisted denim skirt, overknees, and a beige hat to pimp this outfit and also high heel sandals

The exact same shirt, but 2 different styles.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One sunny day in beautiful Zurich

ZURICH – a great place of nature, culture, adventure, enjoyment and…..FASHION! If you take a walk through Zurich, you will notice quickly; people here set high value on their appearance. They are very fashion-conscious und also like to show it. Especially when the sun is shining. Everything gets a bit more bold, colorful and shorter ;). One sunny day (we didn’t have a lot of them yet), I just randomly walked around and stopped people who caught my eye. A “click” here, a “click” there….et voilà, take a look and enjoy :)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laid back SWAG

Whoever knows me, knows, I’m a fashion addict. My style is more “street/urban” than “elegant” and “glamorous”. Of course it’s exciting to play around with little elegant details here and there, to pimp up the outfit. This is what defines my personal style.
But being dressed elegantly from head to will probably rarely meet me.

My friend Nathi is exactly the same so we decided to show you two laid back outfits, with a lot of swaag :).

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