Hi and welcome to HERFIELD - my own little space of CREATIVITY.

My name is Steffi and I live in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. I'm half thai, half swiss.

My devotion and fascination for fashion started already when I was a little girl. My mum for example wouldn’t have to help me out a lot with my wardrobe, I knew this at an early age on my own, lol.
Now, many years later, I decided to do something more with this passion and created my own blog.
So what to say about my personal style? I'm more the "street / urban" kind of girl than extremely "elegant / glamorous". I prefer to keep it simple, classy and natural. I like to stay on trend, but in my own way! 

This blog is a great way to express myself, and share some thoughts. Not only about fashion. I am inspired by so many things and one of my absolut favorite things in this world is to TRAVEL and EXPLORE new things! I never get enough! like...NEVER!

HERFIELD - a place of inspiration, special captured moments and a personal style lookbook.

So if you feel like, just hop on and see, travel, experience and explore it together with me…..

Oh and, if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share, just write me :). 
You're always welcome.


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