Monday, June 30, 2014

Favorite black crop top

This is definitely one of my favorite crop tops. Such a nice and soft material, the cut very playful.
Simple and sassy.

To it I wear some ripped jeans and as I often like to do a cool shirt around the hips. Simple as that :)
Happy week loves

Monday, June 23, 2014


Some say they are out, some say they are in again, some say what ever….. I don’t even care cuz I! love them :) In my opinion, if you style it right, if you wear them right… can’t go wrong.

With that being said, happy Monday loves :*

Wearing: Wedge sneakers STEVE MADDEN / Dungarees H&M / Top RIVER ISLAND / Shades RAY BAN (green mirrored)

Friday, June 6, 2014

White Knitted Shirts

 Just found those cuties at ZARA. I'm an absolut "knit"-lover and I fell for those 2.

 Which one do you like more, left or right?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Do your very own "Destroyed Jeans"

Well, this is what happened last Saturday.
I was at a friends house chilling with 2 of my friends and we were kind of bored. What to do on a Saturday night? Not in the mood to go out. Well, why not doing your own destroyed jeans? Hah! Awesome idea.
So my friend did that before and as I was wearing a pair of jeans I found quite boring anyway, I decided to jazz em up :D

It’s actually very easy. What do you need? -> A scissors and a tweezers (Pinzette) and that's about it. Here is my picture tutorial (sorry for the bad picture quality. As it was a very spontaneous action I only had my iPhone with me).

Mark it first (where do you wanna cut them)
Then cut it there...

A pair of jeans has a certain structur. On the one hand there are horizontal lines and on the other hand there are vertical lines. What we are doing now is to pull out the vertical threads with the tweezers. It might be a little hard to find a start, but as soon as you got this it's easy and you just pull them out, one by one.

here you can see how my friend pulls out a thread by one.....

 And now have fun doing it on your very own ^^.