Thursday, October 16, 2014

Summer/Fall transition

Jep, fall has meanwhile also arrived to L.A. :D , which is good, because it was insanely hot during the last 3 months (including sleepless nights and almost unable to move anywhere). Well, fall here doesn't necessarily mean the fall I know in Switzerland. There, it can be warm for sure, but in general it is quite chilly during fall. I am talking about between 55 and 64°F (13-18 Grad) during the day. Well, fall in L.A. means; it is not extremely hot during the day anymore and it gets fresh as soon as the sun goes down, so you will most likely need a light jacket. I guess that's about it ^^. So most of the time it still is very nice and warm. Anyway, I guess it's time to pack out your pants and boots ladies (ok I'm still wearing a cropped top, but as I mentioned; it really IS still very warm outside ;))
Ok enough.
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Boyfriend Jeans from XXI (actually they are skinny jeans, but I bought them oversized which makes them to Boyfriend Jeans lol