Friday, November 21, 2014

My L.A. Diary #4: The Springs - The Urban Oasis in Downtown Los Angeles

I love nothing more than EXPLORING. Exploring, exploring, exploring. I am in one of the most exciting and lively cities in this world right now and I do take advantage of it :)

So this time, my friends and I have gotten the hint to visit this new hipp place in Downtown L.A. in the middle of the art district. Aaand we were more than thrilled to be there. What a cuuuute place?! We all fell in love at first sight. No really!
The area, the building, the cunstruction, the concept, all the cute little details, the atmosphere, the people,.....everything ON POINT!!

So what is it?
THE SPRINGS combines health and pleasure at the same time.
They provide 100% organic raw vegan cuisine, joyous libations, holistic wellness treatments, integrated yoga and movement programming. Yes you heard right. You can eat and do yoga at the same time :D AND they also do sell some urban clothing there, too. Just awesome.
Visit their webpage for more infos: 
Lunch time with this ladies

hummus and falafel . Soo yummi
And as I mentioned in my previous blogpost already-I ran into Chiara Ferragni there ^^