Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I know...this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. And that is okay. Because life is not always about beauty, lightness or happiness. There are people out there who are fighting for their lifes.
And now I wanna share this beautiful video with you guys. It's about cancer, or let's say...reminding ourselves how important LOVE is and that little and unimportant things shouldn't matter this much.
A lot of people I know have already lost a beloved one to cancer....including me. 
This video made me very emotional and it moved me to tears.
I do dance myself and I'm aware of the impact it can have on you. It is a way of expressing yourself, telling a story. If it's YOU that dances or if you're watching someone dancing.....
It can be so powerful yet so emotional. 
To be yourself, to enjoy the moment and nothing else matters. 
It's a way to let go and be free.
I just feel like sharing this video, because it's beautiful!!
Kyle, I wish you all the love and strength in this world!! Thank you for sharing this video.

Much Love

click on the picture to get to the video

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