Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My L.A. diary #2 - RUNYON CANYON

Dear Followers

Here is my 2nd „what do I have to see or do whilst in L.A.“ for you guys.

Alrighty, so:

-Do you like to hike?
-Do you like to get in shape quickly?
-Do you need to wind down from a stressful day and escape the hectic city life?
-Do you wanna enjoy the most stunning and beautiful views over the whole city?
-And do you wanna do something really „hollywoodish“? 


What about it:

Runyon Canyon Park is a 160-acre (65 ha) park in Los Angeles, California, at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. There are numerous hiking trails throughout the whole park. There are several ways to enter Runyon Canyon. But the most common one is at the very bottom at Fuller and Vista Streets I assume. There are three routes to hike Runyon Canyon from down there—>
Runyon Canyon Road (easy), the Star Trail (medium), and the Hero Trail (difficult). I normally take the Star Trail and then on my way back the Road. But once I accidentally decided to turn right instead of left and all of a sudden I found myself walking down the Hero Trail. Yeah wow, now that’s what I call steep (lol). It was a little bit of a fight but cool to kind of have done it, haha.
It will take you about 20-25mins up if you are eager to just hike up without any break. If you are more like me, pausing here and there, taking pictures, sometimes talk to other people…then it will take you between 30-45min J
It also offers free daily yoga classes with professional instructors (down at the park, right after you entered the gate).
Oh and you might also see a celebrity here and there ;) Cause as I said…it’s a wonderful place to spend your time, which also a celebrities does enjoy :D. It’s an atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

I promise you, you will be absolutely amazed and will take tons of pictures :D

So here, I collected many pictures for you guys, unedited, it’s exactly what you will get J


First stop, first reward :) (Until here it's not really climbing, only Walking)
First steps...

That's the HERO trail I was talking about ^^
What a view <3

And now that's the main reward guys!! ENJOY!!!


And if you have the chance, then go right before sunset. It is MIND-BLOWING!!


Theses Pictures are taken with my iPhone and there's no filter at all!

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