Monday, September 9, 2013

DARK everything

Wearing: Beanie VANS / leather vest H&M / Jewelry by ETSY (here) / pants BLUEDOG  / shoes MICHAEL
Photos by:Daniel Mungiki

I am actually a person who is very into colorful clothing, especially during summer time. But I also like it very classic and simple. So now that summer seems to come to an end, I thought this one fits very well. This outfit is actually very "me" - a mix between urban and a little chic (in this case the patent leather shoes and the golden jewelry).This style is what I like the most. It's comfy but still very stylish-sh-sh.
Well, this is my last outfit post from Swizzyland, as I am leaving to beautiful LOS ANGELES tomorrow. Yeeeeees. Soo excited!!!
But of course I will upload a lot of new posts from over there. So stay tuned ladies =)


  1. OMFGGGGG! Can I please have your stomach, so I can rock these sort of outfits as well? ;) You look amazing!



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