Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Monday!

Well, well, this will be my last outfit post from my L.A. journey. Because fall has definitely arrived to Switzerland. So if I want it or not, I have to stash my summer wardrobe now (sniff). But hey I actually really love fall. It’s such a beautiful time here in Switzerland, so let’s see what I’m going to wear next. Until then, enjoy the pics from one of my last days, which was actually at Melrose (one of my favorite spots in LA). Oh and by the way, 5 minutes before I took those photos, I just got a new tattoo "destino" and you actually can see how “fresh” it is, it’s still red. Whatever, enjoy the pictures :)

I combined this summer dress with my favorite blue Doc Martens
At the Dark Room
Michael Kors
But I also like the more classic look with this white sandals

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